... with a light and stable aluminium housing with a noble design in the currently most popular colours
... the real winner in terms of sustainability, functionality and design
... not only for your trouser pocket or handbag, but also always ready to hand at your desk
... "there are 10 times more bacteria and pathogens on the smartphone screen than on a toilet seat" (Time / The U.S. Sun).
... for glasses of all kinds, whether at home or outside
... in attractive colours according to your wishes
... In the center console or glove compartment in the car
... is the wipping-cloth soiled? Simply wash and reuse it again and again
... is the content empty? Simply refill as often as you like
... through the holistic implementation of the precycling approach, waste from disposable wipes is avoided in unimaginable quantities.
... with quick, easy and safe exchangeable heads
... transform from cleaner to disinfectant dispenser within seconds

With DropWiper, we have developed and created a unique waste-free device for cleaning and disinfecting sensitive surfaces and for hand disinfection that stands out from all competing products in the market, not least in terms of sustainability, cost efficiency, functionality or even design.

DropWiper replaces disposable wipes on the market in the relevant application areas, thereby preventing the generation of waste in very large quantities from the outset.

Have we aroused your interest as a B2B customer, B2B/B2B2C wholesaler, advertising agency or investor?

The product is patent granted / pending on 3 continents. (US Patent No. US 11,247,224)

We look forward to your request


FreshyTec International was founded in 2014, based in Herzebrock-Clarholz / Germany, with a focus on Special Green Chemicals for various applications in the B2B and B2C sectors.


However, in 2016 it was realized that while there are many cleaning agents on the market, there are no viable and satisfactory gadgets that can easily and efficiently apply these agents to surfaces. Since then, FreshyTec’s goal has been to develop smart solutions in this field to make people’s lives easier and minimize everyday tasks that take a lot of time and effort with eco-friendly yet efficient technology and gadgets. The company’s vision and guideline is to achieve maximum benefit for people with the least impact on the environment.

Waste-free solutions for our daily lives are our future. We work on these solutions every day.


DropWiper is a product of

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