Your unique
waste-free device
for cleaning
sensitive surfaces
disinfecting your hands wherever and whenever you like.

... because with
we have a serious

World's first All-in-One multifunctional device to clean sensitive surfaces and disinfect hands

  • Wet wiping with the pre-wiper side and streak-free wiping with the dry-wiper side
  • The microfiber cloths are washable, removable and reusable
  • Is a Cleaner for surfaces AND a Disinfectant Dispenser for hands in just one device
  • Causes ZERO waste in use
  • Always available
  • Consists almost entirely of high-quality aluminium to guarantee stability and sustainability

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    FreshyTec makes it possible …


    Your All-in-One Multifunctional Device

    ► to clean sensitive surfaces streak-free &
    ► to use as disinfectant dispenser
    In your everyday life wherever and whenever you want!
    For you, your family, employees and as a unique merchandising product for your customers.
    DropWiper belongs in every trouser pocket, handbag and and glove department of cars.

    Clean your sensitive surfaces such as glasses, smartphones, tablets or displays and control panels in your car wherever and whenever you like without causing waste

    • Transform it into a cleaner within seconds when you need
    • Clean sensitive surfaces streak-free when you need
    • Transform it into a hand disinfectant dispenser within seconds when you need
    • Disinfect your hands whenever you need it in your everyday life
    • Refill and use DropWiper as often as you like
    • DropWiper belongs in every trouser pocket, handbag and carmaximum
    • Max. benefit for you with the least impact on the environment


    Unique Worldwide

    DropWiper is a uniqe Multifunctional Device in the world

    As Cleaning Device

    Transform DropWiper into a Cleaning Device anytime, anywhere in seconds

    As Disinfectant Dispenser

    Transform DropWiper into a Disinfectant Dispenser anytime, anywhere in seconds

    Clean Sensitive Surfaces

    Clean your sensitive surfaces such as glassessmartphones, tablets or instrument and control panels in your car anytime and anywhere with just one filling up to 600 times

    Disinfect Your Hands

    Disinfect your hands with DropWiper whenever and wherever is needed up to 300 times with just one filling

    100% Sustainable

    DropWiper is made almost entirely of 100% recyclable aluminum. The microfiber cloths are removablewashable and  reusableDropWiper causes ZERO waste in use. Fill and use it as often as you like.



    FreshyTec International was founded in 2014 based in Herzebrock-Clarholz / Germany with its focus on Special Green Chemicals for various applications in B2B and B2C segments.

    However, in 2016, it was realized that there are many cleaning agents on the market, but no practicable and satisfactory gadgets that can apply these agents easy and efficiently on the surfaces. Since then FreshyTec‘s goal has been to develop smart solutions in this area to enable people to make life easier and reduce everyday tasks, which cost a lot of time and effort, to a minimum with environmentally friendly yet efficient technology and gadgets. Its vision and guideline as a company is to achieve maximum benefit for people with the least impact on the environment.


    FreshyTec International

    Are you interested in more information about DropWiper?

    Then please enter your e-mail address below.

    We will contact you immediately.

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